Meet The Founder

Tameria “Nikki” Moore is the mother of two beautiful children, O’Riyan and Tarahji, the impromptu comedian, and sometimes the clumsy one within her social circles. “I love to see and be around happy people. If I can tell a joke or two or three I’m there.”

Beyond her positive and infectious personality, Nikki is a serious business woman. She prides herself in translating her client’s ideas and requests into a signature Nikki’s Jazzy Sweets experience. Nikki admits that she began baking initially to satisfy her own “enormous” sweet tooth, however, she says her guilty pleasure became the link that helped her escape a warehouse job that she’d committed 11 years of her working life to.

When Nikki is not baking and creating masterpieces for clients, she is likely found tucked off in a quiet space journaling. “I feel that journaling is the one place I can be bare and real with myself. I use it as a time of self-reflection.” Moore also enjoys spending lazy Sunday afternoons on her couch binge watching her favorite Netflix shows and a good Lifetime movie.

With five years of successful business ownership under her belt, the Belle Glade native continues to strive for greater horizons. Nikki has had the opportunity to speak at various elementary schools for Career Day and deliver motivational keynotes to local troops of the Girl Scouts of America. Whether she’s empowering children or adults, her message is always the same, “Character goes a long way and so does a good name.”

Nikki says that she started NJS to create more time, resources, and money for her family. “Not only has my business allowed me to support my family, but it has also awarded me the opportunity to serve amongst so many other successful entrepreneurs and change the black business climate.” Ultimately, Tameria “Nikki” Moore says she wants her legacy to remind people of her consistently good heart, unyielding ambition, and steadfastness as a woman of her word.